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#1 Medical Billing Software

Simple. Flexible. Affordable.

The best medical billing software solutions for every size practice

The easiest medical billing software ever.

Are you ready to stop the bleeding?

Manage your practice with top-rated medical billing software

Medical billing solutions to help you get paid faster and manage your practice more efficiently, with the added benefits of scheduling and financial reporting.

Medisoft is the most popular medical billing software

Medisoft is a full-featured medical software system that allows you to perform your day-to-day medical billing and practice management tasks, from initial code entry to payment posting, appealing, and resolving denials, and more.



70,000+ providers are choosing Medisoft, let’s find out why…

Which Solution Fits Your Business?

Explore the core features of our software that streamline and automate all aspects of the billing process.

Medisoft Patient Appointment Scheduler

Scheduling patient appointments has never been easier.  Whether you have a one-physician practice, or a multi-provider, multi-location practice, Office Hours Scheduler will handle the task.

Patient Credit Card

Medisoft allows you to accept patient credit card payments directly through the program.  No more expensive machines and long lease payments from the bank.

Medisoft Appointment Confirmation

Microwize delivers intelligent HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders that provide patient appointment and pick-up information.

Medisoft Online Appointments

Medisoft: the most popular practice management software that lets physicians add online appointments with ease – Vosita: improving the patient experience by allowing patients to find and book you online. We have integrated these two powerful platforms!

Medisoft Reports

Medisoft provides over 200 standard reports, charts, and graphs. See an overview of several Medisoft reports such as managed care reports, financial reports, data reports, chiropractic reports, and marketing reports.

Medisoft Mobile/ Patient Kiosk

Medisoft has an exciting new set of features that will help your practice decrease the amount of paper in your office, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately streamline the patient intake process for both you and your patients.