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#1 Medical Billing Software Pricing

Looking to buy a complete medical billing software that’s best suited for your practice? Look no further!

The best medical billing software solutions for every size practice


70,000+ providers are choosing Medisoft and love its medical billing software pricing, lets find out why…

Which Solution Fits Your Business? Medical Billing Software Pricing

Medisoft Basic:

Starting at $596, great entry-level software for startup practices that see less than 20 patients per week. It’s a single-user application and cannot be networked. Medisoft Basic is a ‘lite’ version of Medisoft Advanced and Network Pro but still has everything a small practice needs.

Medisoft Advanced:

 Starting at $1549 – a full-featured version of Medisoft that is only available for a single user and cannot be networked.

Medisoft Network Professional: 

Starting at $4297 – buy a full-featured Medisoft product that can be networked with multiple concurrent users.

Medisoft Cloud:

Starting at $69 per month (11+ user pricing) – available for any combination of users with all the features available in Medisoft on-premises, with the added benefits of remotely accessing Medisoft anywhere, anytime. Medisoft Cloud comes bundled with training, support, installation, upgrades. backups, and a disaster recovery plan.

Not sure which of these Medisoft packages is best for you?

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