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Medical Billing Software – Core Feature:

The easiest medical billing software that comes with all the features to get your practice up and running.

The easiest medical billing software ever.

Are you ready to stop the bleeding?

Medisoft EHR – Most Popular EHR for Medical Billing Software

By combining the power of Medisoft with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – Medisoft EHR offers an EMR solution that is right for you. Medisoft EHR is uniquely designed to help clinicians create patient charts by automatically embedding information directly from their patient notes such as vitals, medications, and lab results – so you can focus on taking care of patients, not paperwork.

Medical billing software that comes with its own EMR

Key Features of Medisoft EHR for Medical Billing Software:

Electronic Claims from Medical Billing Software:

Medisoft electronic claims offer you the ease and convenience of submitting all your claims, both commercial and government, electronically with full online audits and edits right from your Medisoft billing software. Microwize EDI Direct Via RelayHealth offers professional and institutional claims processing via electronic exchange or paper, allowing you to easily connect with more than 1,900 payers nationwide. Increase your reimbursements with streamlined claims and avoid rejected claims, delayed reimbursement, and manual remittance. Our clearinghouse is accredited with Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and is designed to help format, track and report claim information for clean submission and processing in a timely manner.

Medisoft Insurance Card Scanner:

Our medical billing software makes it easy to store patient insurance information! No more typing by hand. With a click of a button, the insurance card is scanned on both sides and inserted into the patient record so you can have a current copy of the patient’s insurance card readily available to verify policy numbers, have the carrier’s address and phone number, and see copay amounts. You can scan to the Policy tabs and to the Multimedia tab for added convenience. Medisoft Insurance Card Scanner also lets you customize the resolution of the scanned image to optimize viewing.

  1. The Letter Wizard allows you to create form letters or other documents with information found in your Medisoft files.
  2. Your documents are scanned for unrecognized words. The Final Draft program will offer suggestions from its medical dictionary for those words it doesn’t recognize.
  3. Final Draft word processor includes over 100 sample documents to help you get started, such as birthday notes, thank you letters, and payment due notices.
  4. Protect your data with backup and restore.
  5. Use graphics and print documents using Windows fonts and printers.

The final draft feature in our medical billing software is specifically designed for effortless documents creations such as X-Ray consent forms, back-to-work letters, insurance appeal letters, HIPAA documents or you can create your own letters and documents customized to your practice.