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Add-on Features for Medical Billing Software

There are a variety of add-on features available for Medisoft – Medical billing software to give you all the tools for success!

Use the full potential of our medical billing software with these add-ons


Medical Billing Software Add-on – Office Hours®

Appointment scheduling made easy for your medical billing software with Medisoft Office Hours scheduler!

Office Hours® Professional is the affordable choice for managing appointments with computerized speed, flexibility, and efficiency. With the use of this comprehensive online appointment scheduling solution, you can streamline your office’s operations and save time for more patient care, personal development, and business growth.

Run your practice with greater efficiency by utilizing the powerful tools of Office Hours® Professional such as:

  1. Create, modify, reschedule, and track appointments.
  2. Receive missed copay alerts – when patients check in for an appointment and have an outstanding co-pay, a message will alert the Office Hours user.
  3. Instant appointment scheduling – Scheduling, moving, and copying appointments require only a few keystrokes.
  4. Appointment templates – Set up an appointment template to reserve time slots for certain types of appointments. 



Affordable and Fast Appointment Scheduling Solution

Powerful features of Office Hours

Office Hours® Integration with Medisoft – Medical billing software

By integrating Office Hours with Medisoft, you can easily share patient data with the medical billing software and access some of Medisoft’s best features, like eligibility verification and the report designer.





The Problem:

The biggest problem billers face is the time-consuming task of sending bills out manually. It might take several hours, if not weeks, to get patient statements printed, sorted, folded, inserted, sealed, metered, mailed, and troubleshot. 

The Solution:

With BillFlash, it is both easy and economical to get your statements out on time every time. In just 5 minutes, you can create professional statements that will be mailed by the next business day. You’ll save hours and hours of work, while simultaneously saving real money.

Credit Card Processing for Medical Billing Software

With BillFlash credit card processing, you can automatically post credit and debit card payments information directly into Medisoft. You no longer need to purchase or lease costly credit card terminals. Credit card processing is fast, easy, and free for Medisoft users!

  • ✓ No application or set-up fees
  • ✓ Transaction authorization in seconds
  • ✓ Easy to learn and use
  • ✓ Simple reconciling: reporting designed to match monthly merchant statement
  • ✓ Eliminates errors!
  • ✓ Verify the patient’s identity before delivering appointment information
  • ✓ Confirm that your patient will keep their appointment, or determine why they cannot
  • ✓ Reschedule appointments to future slots that would otherwise be canceled
  • ✓ Fill empty slots with productive appointments
  • ✓ Notify patients that their orders are ready for pickup

Online Appointments with Vosita

Medisoft: the most popular medical billing software that lets physicians add online appointments with ease – Vosita: improving the patient experience by allowing patients to find and book you online. We have combined these two powerful platforms!

We have integrated Vosita with Medisoft so you can get rid of double bookings, keep track of all your online appointments, decrease the number of no shows, and boost your practice by letting new patients find you, existing patients interact with you, and all patients book online appointments easily.

Medical Billing Software Reports

Medisoft provides over 200 standard reports, charts, and graphs. View the list of several Medisoft reports such as managed care reports, financial reports, data reports, chiropractic reports, marketing reports.

Medisoft Mobile/ Patient Kiosk

Medisoft has an exciting new set of features that will help your practice decrease the amount of paper in your office, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately streamline the patient intake process for both you and your patients.